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Bowling for Barncancerfonden

During thursday and wednesday right before easter, Me and R2 and a heap of friends from the 501st helped out in collecting money for the Child Cancer Fund in Sweden.

R2 met a lot of friends, as usual, and once we were done for the day, we stomped off to O’Leary’s to go bowling with R2.

The crew at O’Leary’s was great, played Star Wars music while we bowled, and sponsored us with the bowling fee!

Great fun, Great people! =)

Oh, that’s me on the far right, by the way.


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Finally … new panels!

After a long while of troubleshooting, I’ve finally managed to get the new panels working!

It turned out that one of the panels was working all along, just that I had forgotten to add a small, tiny, silly little jumper!

The other one … well .. that was another story!

The other one I had been in a bit of a hurry when building, and I had no IC socket at home, so I soldered the circuit in place.

Now, I know that the MAX7219 circuit is very sensitive, but I was being careful, but it turned out that after ruling out everything else, I had a burned channel on the chip.

The chip was cut loose, I desoldered the board, which took some effort… bought IC sockets and soldered them in and place the chip back.

What previously wasn’t working as it should was now working! *phew*!

However, the desoldering process had ruptured a little of the via throughputs of the double sided board, so two separate cables in the end was needed to restore everything to where it should be!

Here’s a few pics:

IMG_8250 IMG_8252 IMG_8255



These are still not mounted properly, but I just wanted to give you a quick preview of what it looks like!

Pictures is nice, sure, but what about a video?

Ok.. here goes:


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