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D-Day (Dome-dagen in Swedish…) (and ankles…)

So.. Today was D-Day!

One of the first items I ordered for my R2 build arrived.. in this small package:

Opening the box gave me this view:

Removing the plastic and paper gave further info about the mystery contained within..

Yes, it is my laser cut dome that finally arrived! It will sit on my shelf for two weeks before I can start working on it…

After the joyful feeling of receiving this box, I started working on my main ankles.

I realized that I had forgotten to add the ankle locks built into my ankles, as I did with the center ankle. I may fix this before skinning the ankles or not, but for now, I’ve left them as is.

Main ankles are mostly glued together and are not going to harden before doing any further work with them.

Note the cables running through, which is just a placeholder for trying out the cable channel. The pinpoints are not yet sanded, and are therefor still a bit uneven, but I have plenty of time to fix that! =)

Finally, I also unravelled the blue Mummy inside my work area, and it turned out to be my left foot shell, now complete. Needs a little bond and sanding on the lower parts, but other than that, looking good!

Now, I take a little break from R2 building. I’ve had a few intense buildweeks, but for the next two weeks I have other plans… I’ll tell you more on that later!

I’ll see you with more updates in February!


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Center ankle – COMPLETE

So .. I fulfilled my goal of the day.

The center ankle is now COMPLETE !

Naturally, it needs painting, but I’m saving the paint job for spring, when it is actually good enough weather to be outside for longer periods of day!

The ankle has been cut out, assembled, glued together, sanded, glued some more, used putty everywhere to make the seams nice and smooth, sanded some more and now finally, they are DONE!

It seems a droid part is never 100% finished.. I took some spare bits of styrene and reinforced my center foot inside, to make it more sturdy. Once the glue has hardened properly, I should be able to stand on the foot shell!

I’ve also finished gluing together the left foot. Details on the foot is now complete, and once the glue has hardened (no pics on at the moment) I’ll subdue it with putty and sand it down once more, to make complete!

I’ve also gotten the tracking number from Daren Muren about my lovely dome, and it seems it has made it into the country now at least! Delivery should be tomorrow or Thursday. In the nick of time!

For now, I’ll just leave you with these images of my center foot and center ankle put together and posing for the first time. Kinda looks like it’s hovering, to be honest.

But … I’ll save the hovering bit for my next project 😉

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Fine detail day..

So, no pics today, not that interesting anyway … yet =)

Today has been about sanding… and sanding … and sanding.

I can happily say that my center leg construction is now COMPLETE.

I’ve also been working on the center ankle, skinning it, and glued together the beefy ankle parts and sanded them so they are aaaaaalmost ready for assembly.

The idea is to have the center ankle construction COMPLETE tomorrow!

If I have the time, I might also get my left outer foot construction COMPLETE!

I really need to find satin white here in Sweden so I can start painting these things…

Doing fine details takes time! .. but I like the results!
Pictures will be done tomorrow when my center ankle and foot construction is all ready! =)

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