Most of what has been going on in the background with the R2 2.0 has only been collecting parts, doing some CAD work, and well.. procrastinating to an extreme level.

The energy to build a second one went out of me like a deflated balloon when my old one got stolen. I was supposed to reuse some of the parts from that one!

However, Emma has stated that she really miss R2, so rebuild I must and will do as fast as I can.

I started with the dome. I already had a Hydro Dome since a few years back and most of the panels in the inner dome has been cut out, so going from there to attaching panels was relatively easy.

I made a teaser a few days ago with a panel servo that I had attached. To the wrong pie panel. I can always defend this with “It is better to fail an articulated hatch where none is needed”…

I had also done the electronics for the logics.

But now it was time for the first actual build day.

I started with the servo holders and inside for the pie panels. First step is taping the hatch in to place in the opening. It needs to be orientated as close to the top of the dome as possible to allow clearance for the actual panels to open.

Next up is going on the inside of the dome and use my spring loaded punch to mark where the holes are going. The hinge and panel inside is still securely taped, to allow the holes to be aligned properly.

Drill and tap… and as there is some minor differences, I am also marking the hinges where they should go in order to not do the same mistake I did when I did the test, to mount things in the wrong place 😉

Since some of the holes are a bit tight, I have filed away some on the corners of the hinge insides to make them fit and hinge properly.

The hinge is screwed in to place with nuts from the inside and locking flat-head screws on the outside to ensure nothing will interfere with the outer dome that’s going to sit on top.

As you can see, it opens without issues =)

Then it is just a matter of rinse and repeat. The middle round panel did give me some issues, as it had to be more to the side in order to open properly. That in turn made me need to enlarge the holes close to the top to reposition the hinge somewhat. As a result, I ended up using countersunk philips head screws as they are larger, and sanded the screw heads so they are flat against the inner dome.

Once this was done, I was also working with aligning the outer dome properly. I did so using the panels surrounding the logic surrounds as a guide for what the position should be about the other dome.

I also found a rattle can of “r2 blue” at the work shop, and decided to paint the blue panels that goes on the dome as well as the radar eye, after some pinstripe masking.

Finally, it was time to place it all back on the droid body and the touch of blue really makes it feel like an R2 on the way again!

There is still a lot to do to get him done. Tons of parts missing, but thanks to a wonderful R2-building community, I’ve managed to source some of the parts that are already on their way, but I have also received several messages from people that want to donate parts to this R2 for Emma.

I am beyond thankful for this and will update on this when the parts arrive.

Finally, I called home while I was in the workshop and did a short facetime session with Emma, and showed her R2 with the dome in place. She more or less shrieked of joy “R2!!!!” and was all smiles. She was REALLY happy to see this.

That’s why it’s all worth doing.

Stay tuned!