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A short clip…

Just thought you might enjoy this short clip from the weekends troop.

Special thanks to Anna Vikmanis for being an awesome Leia.

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Out doing charity work..

Before this weekend, I had to abandon the upgrades and mount everything that was not yet all finished back into R2.

It was time to go for an outing!

We (as in Nordic Garrison with R2) had been asked to help open a toy store!

I find myself doing a lot of these things for charity. The local Garrison of 501st to which I belong, Nordic Garrison (Actually the only one spanning so many countries as it does), have to days date collected and donated over 1.000.000 SEK!

This time around, since it is a toy store, we got a quite sizeable donation of toys, that we will in turn donate to one of the local children’s hospitals in the area.

All in all, it feels good to show off your hobby and doing good deeds at the same time. Really makes you sleep better at night 😉

Along for one of the days, we had one of Sweden’s most talented Cosplayers (who is also a very active member of the 501st), Henrik Pilerud of Pilerud’s Cosplay, here showing off his Garindan, a very rare costume that he has made himself.


R2 performed great, of course! 😉

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Octagon Volume Control part II

To continue from the last post , where I built the octagon volume control, It has now been installed in the droid.

I replaced the hollow mesh aluminium plate with black felt, to get a non-reflective, light absorbing surface behind the octagon port to obscure the insides, and also to not show the plastics holding the potentiometer into place. It did the job perfectly.

Also, as I showed earlier, I had to properly align the volume know in the middle of the cut away portion of the octagon port.


Enter the lovely world of 3D printing. My digital caliper gave me the measurements I needed and 15 minutes later I had a perfect inside bushing for the knob.


I had previously glued the knob in to place with rubber glue so it would be easy to remove. This time, the printed part is just squeezed inside the knob, and the knob is squeezed inside the 3d printed part. No glue needed and a perfect fit!


It even looks centered!

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