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Mini progress

So, I’ve been bitten by a nasty stomach bug the past week. No fever or anything, just that I’ve been unable to really do anything physical or leave the apartment.

That did, however, allow me to do a lot more on the mini R2. Got lots of things designed and redone in my CAD program, but the printing is lacking behind, as I am starting to run out of filament and also waiting for an upgrade kit for my printer 😉

Anyway, I have done a few prototypes of the dome. Printed one of them to try out a few things, designed a new version after the first one, but still waiting to print it.

I have printed a few other bits and pieces in the mean time.

Have a look.

All pieces are drawn by me in Rhino for Mac. Design for 3D printing of these parts also by me.

And no. I will not make any parts to sell to you.

First off, here’s the dome while printing (really maxing out the print plate, but that was sort of the reason for me going 40% scale). I’ve made a small bearing in PLA that uses 1.75mm filament for an axel. This spins really well.

2015-02-07 22.42.29

2015-02-08 10.31.14

In fact, check out this video:


Other parts printed.. well take a look at these cuties!

2015-02-10 14.10.23

2015-02-11 19.42.24

2015-02-10 14.10.51

2015-02-10 14.10.40

The small dome meets with my daughters approval.

2015-02-08 10.28.23

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Introducing the Mini!

So, after a break of building and mostly dealing with electronics and programming, I decided I had to do something.

So, without further ado, behold the first part of a complete 40% scale build:

The Mini-R2!


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