For the past year or so, I have been helping out my friends in the local Star Wars costuming organisation (Nordic Garrison part of the 501st. In short: A costuming organisation that has movie-quality costumes and raises a LOT of money for charity and all expenses are out of their own pockets) with making Compads for Tie Fighter Pilots and Imperial Crewmen and others.

I’ve now gone into my 4th version of the model, only small, tiny changes, nothing changed in layout, but the changes really makes the quality of the print a LOT better:


It is a bit leaner, and sliced in a slightly better way. It is still lightly curved to sit nicely on the arm. See the comparison picture below:


New one on the left, old one on the right.

I also reworked the compad to create another version that is slightly curved the other way, as used by Rebel Pilots and Scanning Crew.