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Coming Soon: Building R2-D2 v2.0

As time progress, my R2 has seen a lot of action, and as such, he is in major need of spare parts.

Rather than just changing out the parts that needs to be rebuilt, I’ve come to a drastic decision: Time to rebuild. Time to fix the small things that I wish I had done while building him in the first place. Time to build R2-D2 v2.0!

And thats not all! While doing so, I will be doing a video blog about the ENTIRE build, so you can build along with me… just pop off to (the official R2-D2 Builders club website, and register (it’s free) and you TOO can be an R2 Builder!

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Buy a lightsaber and help me in my progress

Hi all!

I am working hard on BB-8 upgrades, so hard that I’ve in fact been negligent to update this blog for the past few weeks.

Things have really been crazy in the past few weeks, and I’ve taken loads of pictures along the way, so updates will be brought here shortly.

Oh! Here’s a nice little picture to give you an idea of where I’m at..



Last step of BB-8 remains: To get him rolling. In order to do this, I need to get a little more funding.

So, as a step in this, I am hereby selling my Master Replicas Darth Vader Episode IV light saber, still SEALED in its box!

That’s right!

This lightsaber, hailing from 2007, has NEVER been opened!

It’s currently on ebay, please help me and spread the good word out!

Upcoming weekend we’ll be attending an opening of a big mall, and in the process, gathering a huge donation of toys, that in turn will be donated to a children’s hospital! For those in the Stockholm area, have a lookout in “Mall of Scandinavia” during the weekend.. 😉

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BB-8 progress

Time for another update on my BB-8!

Things have been going well, and this week I printed the last pieces for the body:


In all, that makes quite a large stack of pieces that I need to go through and sand and treat and all that..


More importantly, I started experimenting with the weathering. First take a look at my kickass weathering mount setup!

IMG_9476 IMG_9475 IMG_9477

Once I had this on the inflatable ball, weathering was fun and easy. I must say this is a process I really do enjoy.


This was only a test with water colours, soon the real weathering will follow, this time with acrylics!

In addition to this milestone, I also got around to making a new PSI, since I lost my old one. Putting it all together looks really nice too!


Stay tuned… =)


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