After cutting out the front logics with good results, it was time to repeat the process with the rear logic display.

Having carefully marked where to cut, it was time to put my trusty dremel to use..

Cutting aluminum really eats down on these cutting discs… Good thing it’s really easy and quick to replace them.

Two cuts down, two to go..


A little bit of filing, then time for a test fit… and it fits great!

While being in the process of cutting, I decided to cut out the mystery panel form the dome.

Even though this is now cut out, until I actually make something of it, I can hide the cuts and glue the piece in place behind the frame with melt glue or something. I’ve got plans, but we’ll se how they go…

Next up, was to cut out the circular hole for the front Holoprojector. I have postponed this as it is scary, as it is part of R2’s “face” ..

I started with finding the middle of the hole, and then drilling a small guide hole.

Not a bad start, but the hole needs to be slightly larger, I think..

So, mounting my hole drill, I started the process of cutting. This is not meant to drill the full hole, but merely a groove that I can use later on.

Groove done!

Now it’s time to bring out the dremel again, and cut open inside the material that is about to be removed.

Next step: Pushing the pie pieces inside, and then start removing them one by one by bending back and forth. Not very difficult.

However, for a second there, I found the evil side of R2…

Is that the death star eye, or R2 ? 😮

Hole pieces broken off, edges filed and sanded. Looks pretty round to me!

Looks like it will fit the holo projector holder as well! =)

This needs to be investigated further…

First time with electronics activated and all logic displays and front holo projector in action! *wieeeeee*

Only one final thing… Here’s a picture of a test with the mystery panel. I took a piece of plexiglass, sanded it lightly, and placed a piece of see-thru mylar on the back. The mylar is not stretched enough, as you can see in the picture, but it was only a test anyway.

I placed the front PSI behind the mylar, just to try it out… and with a diffuser and a light box, this can do very well!

If you prefer moving pictures, check out this video…