The time I’ve dreaded for so long was finally upon me.

There is no way back.

I need to cut open more of my dome in order to finish off my droid.

Today, the time came for the Front Logic Displays to be cut out!

As you may have seen on older pictures, these were already marked out on my inner dome:

Said and done, armed with my brand new dremel (an original one, not a cheap knockoff anymore…), I started cutting open the inner dome for the front logics.

It took a little while, but working slowly, the results were pretty good. After cutting them out, I test fitted the aluminum Logic Surrounds, and filed away until they had a nice fit.

Once that is done, it is time to add the logic surrounds..

This is a test fit with the outer panel in place as well, to make sure everything is in place.

I simply had to test with the outer dome in place, and this dome is not joined, so it is not in exact position, but I had to take a look.. So, I added the front logic displays and put the lid on…

Lights on..

Blinky lights… so .. pretty..

Glow in the dark R2 … =)

The lights are leaking out through the unpainted skins where the styrene is thin… and .. well.. considering I have no vents installed, there are a few holes as well =)

Tomorrow, It’ll be the rear logic display. Then it’s “only” 4 holes for the holo projectors and PSI’s ..