Today’s job: Cutting more styrene.

I’ve cut out 2 large sheets of square pieces. Plenty of work.

I’ve also managed to fix a circle cutter of my own for the arm sockets.

I took a spare piece of styrene, drilled a 3mm hole in it, and cut it off, to be 85 mm .. which, in case you haven’t noticed, is half the size of the arm socket hole.

I drilled a 3mm hole in the skin in the center point, and used a screwdriver as pivot point, since I didn’t have any 3mm screws lying about…

I used the edge of the piece around the pivot point as a template for cutting, and i moved the mounted scrap piece around the half circle at the same time as cutting.

This made a very nice and smooth round hole.

After cutting out a few of these, I used the cut-out pieces as templates for cutting the rest of the holes!

No more need to find a circle cutter that can cut that big holes! =)

Next step is to finish off the blueprints to my cnc guy, who will do all my curved pieces for me! =)

Sorry, no pictures today =)