After postponing the moment for a long time, i decided it was time to start painting my R2.

It is summer after all, and the smaller pieces can easily be painted on my balcony, so I started with the dome panels…

The inner dome has an area that will be visible but painted and I started eith this area. I cleaned the area to be painted properly to get rid of finger prints and other things that can cause the paint to not stick properly.

After that, it was time to gently spray thin layers until I had a thick coat of primer.


Once dry, I sanded the area with 400 grit sandpaper, and applied a second coat. This second coat will be treated with 800 grit sanding paper before applying the blue paint. Not too bad, eh?


Next up was the pie panels. These had already bedn polished to get the spinning lines to disappear, and after two coats they look great

I also experimented with the side panels. These have not been sanded, but I think that with two coats of primer and proper sanding, I may not need to treat them anything further.

Lastly, as a welcome surprise, I also received my Power Distribution Boards. One for me, and one for Sigge.

This just reminds me that I’ll need to redo my entire innards and electronics board…