Today marks the one year anniversary of me starting this build blog! So far: I’ve built an R2-D2 from scratch, mostly, apart from some parts like the dome, some aluminium parts and a few resin parts.

All structure and electronics has been hand made … by me. Who would have thought! I wouldn’t!

This is just a short post to mark the one year anniversary of my build, there are only a few things that remains: Building two side vents, one more pocket vent, and fix one Battery Box.

After that, it is all about the paint job!

Once the droid is finished, there will naturally be a lot of fixing, updating and modifying, such as installing a Life Form Scanner, a Periscope, and possibly a data interface arm and his weld tool (aka Ewok Zapper)…

Not a lot left until this can be considered complete…

But, today, the building will be in hiatus, mostly, since my dear fiancée is celebrating her 40th birthday, so no pics and not a long entry either!

For those of you following thus build, my sincere thanks, and for those of you who discover this a while down the line, thank you for reading!

All the best,