Long time no posts!

R2 has been busy, of course, and I have much to tell, but that will have to come in the year summary that I’ doing in december. This time it is all about a newly found interest of mine: 3D design.

Since this is mostly about Star Wars anyway, I’ve started to draw up a 3D version of R2 (obviously), but that is another project that will take some more time, but I’ve also started drawing some smaller things, but sill quite detailed.

One thing that I am close on finishing the detailing on (still a few details that are not 100% correct, but I’m getting there) is the Biker Scout Blaster!

From reference pictures of a screen used stunt blaster, as well as screen grabs from the Bluray version of ‘Return of the Jedi’, I’ve started making this as closely as I can in 3D.


Stunt Blaster from Jason White’s collection (www.moviepropking.com)


Screen shot from ‘Return of the Jedi’ (copyright LucasFilm)

There are a few differences, though.

Sizing the blaster is easy, as it is making use a British Singlepoint Scope, and that is a known piece of hardware.

Even though this particular blaster is the only gun type weapon in the original Star Wars trilogy that was not based on a real gun, but modeled from scratch. Even so, they used an existing scope.

On the stunt prop, the scope is a resin replica of the metal scope, it is unknown if it used a real scope or a replica of on the screen used model. Anyway: Sizing is done in relation to the scope. The nice and clear reference picture of the blaster makes modeling the “difficult” side very easy.

On the blasters used, they did some minor alterations to the scope, as the trim button was exchanged with a small screw and washer. In the model below, I’ve drawn the scope with original trim knobs, something that needs to be altered for the final model.

The pistol grip also needs some minor tweaking until I am 100% happy with it, it should be an exact copy of the stunt version.

Also, if you look really closely on the screen shots (the one listed above, and others) it is clear that the nozzle has more detail to it. I think it is a nipple of sorts to add on to a hose, and I think the original part used had some treading, which was covered over. There is a little bulk showing, and the point is slightly longer, and not so thin for as long as depicted on the stunt blaster.

Anyway, lots of talk, but here are the pics of where I am thus far:

Bikerscout Blaster 1

Bikerscout Blaster 2

Bikerscout Blaster 3

Bikerscout Blaster 4

Bikerscout Blaster 5

Bikerscout Blaster 6

Bikerscout Blaster 7