While my R2 is properly letting the paint dry, and it IS not very fun watching it, I decided to work a bit on my Biker Scout!

There’s a big Sci-Fi exhibition in December, and me and my R2 will be there, and the idea is to sport my new Biker Scout armour as well!

Anyway, here is the progress made for today!:

I started with the belt. I know there will be snaps and other things on the straps for the side pockets, but I’m just checking the length for now.

Second: How much do I need to trim off the torso pieces?

Should the whole chest piece come down or is it good where it is?

I also wonder if my cummerbund is too high up, I may need to shorten it somewhat…

Finally, Just wanted to show off that I got the proper greeblies for my TD!: