So, I spent the evening with fixing my ankles!

I started construction before my vacation, but now it was about time to continue work on these.

Basically, most of the construction is done. I just need to let the glue set before joining the beefy curve bits with the ankles, and they should be done. Since I did go “off-spec” and added a 1mm layer of skin around the main ankles, which Dave Everett’s nice blueprints doesn’t have, it means that I may need to add another 1mm layer around the curved bits to make them join up nice. I don’t mind since the extra layer does make this part much more stable and durable than it would be otherwise.

So, the evening has been spent according to the following program:

10 glue pieces together
20 tape them up good
30 sand it down to be real smooth
40 goto 10

You who once owned a commodore 64 know what I’m talking about … 😉

Anyway, got some pics of todays progress, and I must say that the ankles look REALLY smooth and nice, and there’s no way to spot that they were just a small piece of styrene pieces not long ago…

see how nice and smooth them ankles in the background look…

Close-up of the ankles. Note the placeholder cable I had placed inside the ankle to help me route the actual cables later on… it may be a challenge, but I have a plan..

These aren’t glued together yet, but they look nice and beefy, eh? =)

Once these are done, I will mount them onto the legs and screw them together so they are forever joined…

I must say that I’m really looking forward to when I can put all pieces of the leg together for the first time, if nothing else for my own amusement! =)