So, the weekend started with me getting in the car early saturday morning to drive the two hours down to Sigge.

We had planned to get as much routing done as possible, and since I had to be back in Stockholm again at 7 pm, the day was short!

So, with a full tank of gas and a full trunk of Styrene, I went off on my merry way!

Sigge had borrowed a routing table and a router, and also a circle cutter to go with it.


After trying out the circle cutter, we decided it was probably not the best of ideas, as we could not get the circles properly round!

So, after a few feeble attempts with this, we started off on the same path so many of you styrene builders have gone before us: A wooden board with mounted router underneath, and several holes that would serve as pivot points for the styrene sheets.

Sigge getting ready to cut…

We did not make two holes, one for rough cut and one for smooth cut, but rather used two different diameters of router bits instead, which seemed to work very well!

Sigge’s apartment was slightly messy once we were done, though…



A mess that Sigge seemed happy to clean up though.
Fake snow, anyone?


After filling up a bucket of styrene pieces and overloading his vacuum cleaner, the kitchen was still in a mess!


We managed to get enough styrene cut for all body rings, and for me the trip was especially fruitful, as I also got my shoulder hubs and shoulder horseshoes cut out!

I escaped the mess and spent two hours driving home before attending a dinner with my girlfriend at a friends place.

Sunday was a lazy Sunday. I started off by cleaning up the pieces routed yesterday, bought a few extra tools and drill bits that I was needing, and then started working on the frame.

A few hours in, this was the result:


Shortly after, I couldn’t stop building, and had to just add a few more pieces to my frame.

I was lazy and worked most of the day without my gas mask, but that left me with a headache, so from now on I’ll be putting it on even when I just glue a few things. The problem is when you are hunched over what you are gluing, you get all the fumes directly in the face…

Anyway, this is the final result of today, and I expect to finalize the frame tomorrow.


The bottom layer is a little bit twisted, I realized, since my angled irons used to straighten things up were not excactly 90 degrees, but slightly more. I have since added a small piece of styrene onto these, to make a better 90 degree angle.

Hopefully this will not come back and bite me in the backside, but hopefully It will not be an issue. I may need to re-drill a hole or two, but I should be fine otherwise, I think.

Now: time for sleep, got some things to do tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll have enough time in the evening to finish the frame!
This build just got serious!