So, these last days of core building is nearing its end.

More and more small fixes are taken care of, and the droid is getting more and more finished!

Construction wise, all that is left is filing 3 pieces of metal for the foot strips, building two end caps for my ankle cylinder, and dress those in aluminium tape!

After that’s done.. well . I need to file down my battery box harnesses a bit, glue them in place, and also glue in the under shoulder details at my left leg!

Once those small things are done.. construction of “phase 1” as Valisk_61 put it… is finished!

Naturally, I’ll need to weather the legs and skirt..

So: What has happened since last time then?

[box type=”info”] I can’t believe it’s not aluminium![/box]

Wrapping aluminium tape around something, working hard with a glove (or you’ll cut yourself, I know) to smoothen it out, then finally sanding with 400 grit sand paper, gets you a pretty good looking solid aluminium look!

This is actually one of two resin ankle cylinders that I had, and these were used for my center foot, where they are so close that any minor discrepancy is a lot easier to notice! =)

Center foot construction is 100% complete!

I just need to add a bit of weathering to the cylinders and the wedges and it is a done deal!

The wedges are scratch built from styrene, if you wonder.

Here’s an example of one of my PVC/styrene ankle cylinders in action:

Looks fairly decent as well, I think!

My, after weathering the droid’s body and the center foot, the main foot and leg looks so plastic and fake without any grime! This cannot do!

Foot strips are also on the way.. I got pre-cut 3mm aluminium strips from the Mighty Sigge

[tm] (Thank you, much obliged!) and started to drill and file and all. Once done, it looks like quite an improvement from what I started with, or what do you think?

It takes a little while, but end results are really good! =)

Once this was done, it was time to reattach the hoses..

Now where do this one go? top or bottom hole, I can never remember..

There… All done!

There’s been more bits and pieces done today as well, small tidbits, painting of the second booster cover took place (Why don’t I paint them both at the same time to begin with?), built and painted the rest of the ankle wedges, mounted the ankle cylinders, the holders, well .. in fact, most things!

I did glue then ankle details in with E-6000. First I planned to use double stick tape for them, as it really seems to hold up well, but… why not. They’re not going to be removed anytime soon anyway =)

Stuff to do:

  • file 3 foot strips
  • attach foot strips
  • attach hoses on second foot
  • glue under shoulder details on second leg
  • weather both main legs
  • weather skirt
  • weather cylinders in main leg
  • double check wiring
  • charge battery
  • have fun!

So close.

SO close!