Quick update.

I drilled the metal brackets holding the new speakers, coated the inside of the “pockets” where the speakers will reside with black felt..


.. and hot glued the perforated aluminium backplates in place.


I might need a little more hot glue, but that is a minor issue, as I can always add that later on.

Finally I decided to hot glue the metal brackets in place as well, as I really don’t need to bolt them in to place at this point just yet. It is difficult to drill through inside the body, and the industrial strength hot glue is good enough to hold them in place. If not, I’ll just gently pry them lose and replace the hot glue with E-6000 once I get a new fresh tube.


After trying to fasten the missing hatch in the front, I needed to adjust the hinge somewhat, si I snapped it lose (it was only superglued into place after all), tampered with it slightly, and glued it back in place with the last of my E-6000. That should hold it firmly in place!

As a final thing, I had to test it, and naturally, I can get quite a lot of volume out of the droid. I could still do with more bass, so who knows… Maybe it’ll be a low end speaker or subwoofer inside at some point.. make sure everything inside rattles lose 😉

Once the tests were done, I also had to try out the freshly made driving sound. I recoded this over Christmas at work from one of my colleagues electrical re-positionable desk and worked with the sound file late last night.

Now off for an early evening. Last night of building for this time around tomorrow. Who knows, Maybe I’ll get around to switching the drive train to the one I fixed a few weeks ago. I’m still driving around with my old scooter motors, rather than my newer, fancy twin Jaycar direct drive system…