One of the first things I did in my R2 build was one of the foot shells. It was with that I learned how to work with styrene, and also what not to do.

That is one reason why I decided to build one foot shell at the time, and the second foot shell has eluded me for almost the entire build.

Now, no longer.

I started the build on the second foot shell a few days ago, and so far, it has gone quite well!

Yes, a can of spray glue and a bottle of greek olive oil was used to skin the foot shell, to get the proper curved face. Last time, I simply did this freehand, and using these can made my life a LOT easier!

It did however cause a new, interesting problem. In order of fasten the printouts on my other styrene pieces, I had to improvise, as I had taped the can of spray glue to my foot shell already..

Here below are the detail pieces of the bottom of the foot shell.


Assembled and ready. Now on to the final pieces for the detail plate of the foot shell.

As the faithful reader you are, you may remember that I’ve already finished the half-moons a while back…

This means that it was a simple task of cutting the detail plate and the parts that goes on it –A fairly simple job!

Glued and ready…

Nice and clean when ready! =)

Next step is to glue the detail frame and plate onto the otherwise ready foot shell…

Looks pretty ok, even the curved piece looks pretty decent!

Last thing done for the day was to remove the tape and fill in the joints with Tamaiya Putty. This is done, and the foot shell is setting until tomorrow when it is time to sand most of it off, and get nice and clean seams!

Once this is sanded, only big construction thing left, is to finish off the second battery box, which in reality only means skinning it, and that’s done fairly quickly!

Then time to work on the dome for the next week and a half to get the dome presentable for the sci-fi convention in two weeks!