Hello =)

I’m glad that YOU decided to read my blog again today =)

So, today has been one of those days where I made good progress, but mostly on small things that are not too visible.

I started off with gluing on the remaining pieces of the front outer skin, the hatches that will not open, the utility arms surrounds etc, and having these glued on really helps to bring out the texture in the front of the droid.

I also got around to glue the rear outer skins as well, including the small tidbits.

I looked over the hatch surrounds, the thin styrene pieces that is basically the outline of the hatches (even the ones that will not open) and I realized that I will need to touch up on most of them, and possibly redo one or two, so they are not added.

However, I had this amazing idea yesterday to try and make a coin slot using the aluminium tape to cover it with. The tape is not wide enough to cover the entire coin slot, but how much of a seam would be visible?

I figured that in worst case, I’ll get the fronts made for me 😉

Didn’t come off too bad, I think, and the seam is not visible if you are half a meter from the droid!

What do you think?

Of course, the back is not nearly as pretty as the front..

I used quite a few scrap pieces just to fasten everything in place, more than needed, but I didn’t want to wait for everything to set before trying it on, so I slabbed on a few extra styrene pieces 😉

Front of my droid, with small hatch covers glued on, ad the nice coin return.

Works pretty ok, doesn’t it?

I didn’t find a blueprint for it (only searched for about 3 minutes) so I estimated the angle. After all it was only a test.

I’ll get back to the construction store and see if they have slightly wider aluminium tape. I could work wonders with this!

I might as well, as on a personal note I don’t know how things will be in the near future.

My fiancée walked in on me giving a sponge bath to someone else today…