So, at the moment, I am really juggling three different builds: I am doing updates on my full scale R2-D2, I am working on a dome for BB-8, even though I am definitively #NOTBUILDINGBB8 .. and then I’ve got this 50% scale build.

The biggest drawback of changing from 40% to 50% build, is that the pieces I had done for my 40% build is now totally useless, so back to scaling up (and fixing some issues with the model) and printing.

This is what the last couple of days have rendered:


These under shoulder details are really tiny. They have been printed with a layer height of 0.05 mm and was printed in two halves, that was just glued together.


This image is taken through my magnifying glass. Building really wreaks havoc on your fingernails and dries up your hands.

Check out the detail on that print, however…


Not printed quite in the same detail level are these shoulder hydraulics. They will look great when sanded and treated with rub and buff though.


The booster covers now in correct scale. The leg struts that I printed last week fits great!


To get a comparison to the full scale: Here is the newly made Large Data Port … or should I say the Tiny Data Port?


The new ankle details.


The new ankles. See that little crack..? That is a small crack when printing in ABS…


Another small crack on the other side..


But no where near as bad as this big one that went half through!

I will do a post about how to fix these things in the future without having to do a totally new print.