After my horseshoes had spent a day or so setting properly, it was finally time to de-mummify them from the blue tape!

Looks pretty ok, I must say. I need to see it properly with the buttons and hydraulics in though..

Much better! They still need a bit of tlc and a slap of bondo here and there to be totally complete, but they work well so far.

I will need to prime them first before deciding if I should keep the smaller/larger inner circles that i’ve made, or if I should sand it all flat and then simply make strips of styrene even in the inner circle. Only time will tell 😉

Well, not wanting to work too much with small, fiddly bits, I changed focus to my dome.

The dome is actually two domes, one inner and one outer, and it seems that my inner dome is slightly too small. Three layers of duct tape around the inner dome and it is really nice and snug, so I’ve started preparing for expanding my inner dome…

My armless R2 is peering at me sadly, while tiny R2 is taking a nap in the background..

After putting the inner plastic ring out on the balcony to shrink from the (relative( cold, I decided to mill out my second boozer cover, to get my second leg finished:

I’m doing the same thing for the mounting on this one, but I didn’t actually take any pictures are the milling out was done, so to complete the documentation…

(Yes, I do bite my nails. Thank you for asking.)

Next thing to do with my booster covers is to have a friend run them through his bandsaw, to shorten the “legs” by 3 mm in order to make them work with the ankle bracelet that I’m having made.

Rest of progress has been made in the ankle cylinder area, but I’ll devote a whole post to that! =)