While waiting for some time to paint my R2 properly, I’m still doing a lot of wok on my biker scout!

Here’s a summary of what’s been done today!

For all my loose armour pieces, I’ve sewed on elastic bands according to the Lancer standards, and used self-adhesive velcro inside the pieces and sewed on velcro on one of the sides of the elastics. This should enable me to tighten the pieces up somewhat if I should need to.

I’ve also added velcro inside the pieces, and added velcro on the corresponding pieces on my jumpsuit, and sewed that on.

Let’s have a look!

The shoulder bells, complete with velcro for fastening on to the torso, and also 35mm elastic around the arm in place!

Biceps pieces, complete with elastic inside, and also velcro around the top edge to match the velcro sewn on to my under suit!

Arm pieces. The elastic is like the others, sewn on one end, and velcroed in on the other end. These also have long strips of white velcro going all along the bottom, that will attach to the under suit to not make them slip.

Knee pads, elastic bands in place, bot the big one that will go into the knee joint, and the top thinner one, that is required for Lancer approval, should I want to go for that some day.

I have also velcroed in place my cummerbund pockets, although I feel they maybe should be a little more spread apart. I’ll see to that later on! =)

All this velcro makes the suit a little harder to get in, but at least it makes the pieces stick where they should be! It is a little easier once they were sewn in properly, instead of just put in place with self-adhesive velcro…

Not in pictures: I’ve worked on the placement of the back hump, and once I find a proper screw, I will do a small “wedge” in styrene in order to help this sit more straight and not move about at all. Looking good so far.

Also, I’ve removed the rib stitching on my vest/undersuit that was visible in the shoulder area, and there’s only rib stitches on the arms of the vest now.

Next step is the scary bit: Cutting up the armour! Last thing needed to sew, is to shorten the cummerbund a few cm, and tightening the groin area elastic… not too much though! *ouch* !