My original plan was to do a 40% scale version of my R2.

Well .. This plan has changed. The new plan is to make a 50% scale version of R2-D2.

Why the new format, you may ask? –Well, the slightly larger scale makes the details really pop out from the printer.

I can’t print the entire dome in one go, but I might as well split it in several parts. The first proper dome print was splitting the dome in half, and printing it in halves. It came out really well.


It is quite thin at this point, but once ready, the parts really look good.


It also means I need to print a complete new set of greeblies for the dome, and of course, the old 40% leg struts and parts done, needs to be remade as well.

IMG_7010 IMG_6995

I just think this is so cute.. 😉

The second dome I made much thicker, and split in 4 parts. The main dome is in thirds, but I also cut off the top to print as one single part as well.

Much sturdier…

ThickerDome2 ThickerDome1


However, still fragile..


Fortunately, this is an easy fix, and once I have acetone coated the insides, it should be sturdy and have no issues at all.