So, since I had to wait most of the day due to a guy coming to change my door (evidentially it was the slight wrong shade of blue so the company that owns the building had them all exchanged for other doors that looks .. well .. basically the same), I decided to get cracking on my horseshoes!

Being one of the last pieces that I need to build, it was either getting to work on these, or the battery boxes.. or the last foot shell. Horseshoes it was!

The horseshoes are basically built from the front, going inwards. There are three boxes that will have either shoulder buttons or shoulder hydraulics. Since I wanted things to look nice, I made sure to sand all the pieces before putting it all together. Mostly, it helped.

It did NOT help where the router had done a messy job, though. I ended up having to sand some pieces down and then place a thin 0.5 mm strip of styrene around to get the proper size. Hopefully it will be worth it in the end =)

First one almost done. In the background you see the routed bits for the second horseshoe on the table, waiting for me to get working on that as well.

Second horseshoe got done as well, it took longer than I would have liked, mostly because, well, I had only routed the round bits and had to cut all pieces out from scratch.

Here’s a nice pic of the two horseshoes, glued up and waiting to dry, and in the front, I’ve got my shims for the horseshoes. I am going to line the edges with the aluminum tape that I have, even though it will be sticky, messy and difficult =)

Enough glue for one day. I didn’t use the ethyl acetates today, but normal model glue, but still, too much time bent over while glueing things has left a mild headache. If I’m doing any building tomorrow, it’s gas mask time again!

On a last note, I also received my 20W amp that will be built in to my R2 unit. It’s small and light weight. Perfect for this project! Now I only need to buy some speakers… and build a box for them as well …

For now, the focus will be spent on getting the droid ready in a month since I may be bringing him to his first event!

Until then, I will definitely have some issues sorting out why my wireless connection doesn’t work.. I’m using parts that are supported…