So, Even though my build has been a bit slow this week, I haven’t really constructed anything else but the horseshoes.. 😮

I have been wrestling with my dome, followed Daren’s most excellent advice of growing the inner dome. I froze my inner ring, put two layers of duct tape around it, placed it inside my inner dome.

When i say “wrestling”, I really mean it. It was hard work trying to get the inner ring inside it, until I managed to get it cold enough so it would shrink as much as it had to.

Once it was back to room temperature, I put my dome outside so I could (finally) get my inner ring out.

The very next day I could not fit my inner ring inside my inner dome anymore.

Besides, I figured I needed another layer of tape to begin with.. I started conservative..

So, at the moment, my inner ring is locked inside my inner dome with 3 layers of duct tape around the inner ring.

A big thermos of boiling water will (hopefully) help me get the inner ring loose, and this may be the end of my inner dome problems!

Apart from that, I’ve also gone over ALL my seams of all the loose styrene parts (legs, feet, horseshoes, LDP etc..) with Tamaiya Putty, and sanded most of it off.

The result?

A spotty, but smoother result.

Once done, I also started priming some of my parts. My center foot and ankle and my for shell was really all I had time for.

I think I was a little impatient and I got the paint on a little too thick on a few places, but hey.. it’s primer and I will sand it anyway.

It also helped me identify more uneven places that is in need of Tamaiya putty!. Got a few bubbles in the resin on my center foot half moons (the ones I didn’t build myself) that I hadn’t seen before.

Lastly, I had to redo one entire foot cylinder. Seems I needed to sand the PVC more to get the glue to bond properly! =)

No pictures for now, but really, not that interesting progress-wise anyway… 😉