After my initial trip to the Sci-Fi convention, I realized that my front casters were a bit small. It was very easy for my droid to get tangled up in small thing, not to mention its mortal enemy: thresholds!

In order to avoid face planting, like Nixon’s droid, I decided to change this around and make it easier to do stuff like pass through doorways!

I switched my smaller double casters to a bigger center caster. The will also raid my droid up a bit, and make it look slightly bigger than before. All for the better =)

Second thing done today was that I purchased a bottle of blue spray paint at a store nearby, thinking that in worst case, it will be another layer of primer (but blue).

This would at least be enough to take R2 through the midsummer festivities!

The result? Well … this!

R2 painted with “temp blue” color…

Since I’m working towards a deadline of next week, this will have to do for now, but if need be, I can always remove the paint with acetone. Works like a charm!

I had to make a small video as well.

The keen eye will spot that my dome ring needs sticking in place, and that my arduino needs an updated sketch, as the front PSI is not acting as it should…

All in all, a good day! =)