A lot of things to report after today!

First off, I finished gluing the frame together as promised!

When the glue was setting, I did do additional work on the ankles. I’ve added a layer of styrene outside the beefy parts in order to make them the same size as the ankles themselves. Here’s a pic before I added the styrene, just in case I messed it up…

Nice and smooth… next incarnation of these will fit the ankles too!

So, what to do when the frame is setting and the ankles are done. I know! Let’s start playing with the LDP!

The original flatpack of the LDP was essentially 4 parts, and it looked very … well .. thin and boring, so I looked at some reference pictures and added a lot of more styrene. I added another 3mm piece to the bottom, filed it down to get a nice smooth curve, then added a 3mm and a 2mm piece to the top part, and sanded that down to get a nice smooth curve as well. Best thing: it fits the hole like a glove!

Not to shabby for being made from scratch and made a design for them off the top of my head =)

This is what the top looked like before I started sanding..

So, as if this wasn’t enough. After the frame had set for long enough, I just had to test fit my skins. Armed with half a roll of blue tape, I mounted all four skins on my R2, and they fit perfect!

Closeups of the interior follows:

Well.. So the skins fit nice and snug as you see, and I just HAD to put the dome on top.. My first glimpse of what R2 will be like in a few months…

Tiny R2 is inspecting…

Anyway, that concludes today’s work and update! Tomorrow is spent (wisely) by taking out the girlfriend to a nice dinner, but Wednesday will be spent finishing the last part of the ankles and start working on the shoulder hubs!

For now, R2 is standing on his own little table in my small room that I use for office (and messy build room)… He’ll have a nice view over night!

That’s all for tonight, folks!