I know my fiancée wanted the droid to look clean and brand new, but a weathered droid looks a lot more real!

So, I calculated the odds of she liking the weathered look as opposed to me doing something totally stupid…. and went ahead and did it anyway!

I started with the pristine, clear coated body, now with all pieces mounted..

..and then started greasing up the body.

(the droid’s, not mine!)

So, without further ado, this is my weathered droid!

… got you!

This was only part of phase one. To get the colour and nuances where I wanted them. Next step was to go over the droid with rubbing alcohol (T-Röd for the Swedes reading this) and basically cleaning the droid up.

Not too much, since I still wanted it to look a bit worn, but enough to not look pristine and a bit used!

This is more like it, eh?

I haven’t done the skirt yet, I will flip the droid upside down when going over the skirt..

This is the back…

And finally.. a side detail!

So: two legs left to weather, and some light weathering on the dome!

Comments, please? =)