Yes, it has been a while since I updated this blog with something useful.

The exteriour of the droid has been finished for quite some time, and I still have plenty of outings that I need to put on here, I am just sorting through the images!

However, I made a new TODO list on my droid, for things regarding to upgrades and thought I’d start with posting it here:


  • Remount/revisit HP control systems
  • Alter top HP control for small servos
  • drill hole for small servo for dataport door
  • drill hole for small servo for cbi door
  • change magnet in dataport door to sheet metal
  • fix faulty cbi
  • fix faulty dataport
  • find 8mm brass tube with 6mm inner diameter
  • build new motor/wheel holders for main wheels
  • cut new holes in foot shell and battery boxes
  • paint/weather inside of motor holders
  • mount dome plate to dome ring
  • countersink holes in dome plate
  • buy/find RS-232 extension cord (?)
  • make “dome protection plate” for dremel cutting
  • open pie panels in dome
  • build PCB for Mystery Panel (LED plus resistor)
  • check code for teeces plus random hp + hp flicker
  • add code for mystery panel (rear hp code copy?)
  • construct lifter with turn motion for periscope
  • construct lifter with turn motion for lfs
  • build lifter for periscope
  • build lifter for lfs
  • open more dome hatches
  • get more JAG hinges (small)
  • finish construction of top round panel hinge
  • buy servo spring rods for hp’s and dome

Some of these things I’ve already adressed at this point:

  • Remount/revisit HP control systems

Based off a design idea from Björn Giesler, I went back and did some work on my Holo Projectors.

Yes, the existing design works, but it is bulky, and considering I’m going to put a lot more things in the dome in the near future, I’m going to need a lot more place. Plus, it is smaller, smoother and will be a lot better.

This is what it looked like before starting:

New templates being cut out! My hole saw is almost perfect for this!
Cutting out new mount rings

One of the new mounting plates for the servos..

I am using small, 9g servos that I had laying around. I used two 15mm long threaded distances that I screwed into the plates from underneath, and fastened the servo from above.

A much smaller foot print inside the dome: Check this out:

Next step is mounting the electronics. Since I’m doing an overhaul of the inside of the dome, this is still something that needs to be done.

At the moment, I just hooked up my radio controller to test the movement, and it works!

This is what it looks like from the inside:

Looks good, now let’s take a look from the outside!


Next step for me is to alter the controller code to automatically control the main HP eye by default when the droid is not moving!