This is just a short blog entry about the colour scheme of my droid.

I have painted my droid with Plasti-Kote Satin Super  Pearly White.

Not sure if this is the proper colour or not, and this is just to show the comparison between a normal, white, bleeched A4 paper compared to the definitive off-white colour of my droid.

So, here are three comparison shots for the colour, and I hope to get some nice feedback about weather it is right or not! =)

As you see, compared to the A4 white background, the horseshoe is definitely more yellow, more creamy, more off-white.

Another close-up…

The colour of my horseshoe looks more like the off-white colour of the bands that holds up my belt boxes on my Biker Scout!

Look at this comparison! For those of you who are familiar with this off-white belt, may get a better idea what we’re looking at!

So, what do you guys think? Re-paint the droid or what?