What what?

THREE updates in one day?

Oh my, really!

I found a bag of carriage bolts on my desk when rummaging around, and completely forgot that I had to add the Dome Bumps to my dome. That should have been on my R2-2DO list!

Well, no need to add that to the list *now* as it is already completed!

These are about 20mm in diameter, and the opening for the dome bumps is around 21mm. These are the best ones I have found so far, and even though the area around the bump could be slightly bigger, it will do nicely!

I started off by making a dome template, in order to get the hole centered..

I printed it out, used one of them to measure my carriage bolts, yes they would work great!

Two of them, I cut out and glued on to my done inside the holes using repositionable glue.

With these in place, I started off by making a mark, using a 2mm drillbit, and then my step drill, to make the holes 12mm.

I needed the holes larger than the bolt, as the carriage bolts has a square area closest to the head, and this needed to fit through the hole as well. Plus, with a slightly larger hole, I could adjust slightly if I was not exactly in the center…

R2’s poor head seems to be doomed to suffer. It is his lot in life.

After a bit of sanding, a quick test fit…

As you saw in the first picture of the bolts, I also purchased washers, that are big enough to go over the square portion of the bolts, and by using these as distances, it was only a simple matter of gently screwing these in place!

Something that annoys my esthetics, as that even though I managed to find the same diameter heads on the bolts, I failed in finding two of the same length…

Oh well, you can’t tell from the outside anyway =)

I think they look great! Of course, they need to be painted, but so does all my blue bits. They are the wrong colour, but that will be fixed… all in good time…