So, one can’t really build a full scale astromech droid without the help of people who has done this before.

I started by joining the r2builders group on yahoo groups and got access to a lot of very useful files made by people from a fantastic community who love to build and share.

I also contacted Thomas Nixon, who was the first to build a full scale R2 in Sweden, since he like me lives in Stockholm. He was gracious and friendly and we are going to schedule a coffee in the near future, after I’m back from my upcoming trip.

After looking at hundreds of pictures of fan made droids and decided what I like and do not like, I have decided to go with a metal dome (the head part of the R2-unit), since I feel that it gives a much better and authentic look rather than plastic domes that are simply painted.

Obviously, it’s all down to the individual taste and whatever other people choose is great for them, but for my taste, I wanted this to be metal, so since this is the hardest part to make yourself, I ordered a laser cut spun aluminum dome from the builders group.

I also ordered what is known as a Rockler Bearing, which is used for rotating TV’s or since I’m Swedish, a smaller version is used in IKEA’s rotating cheese trays. Sadly, that is not useful for the R2, so I ordered one with the recommended dimensions from Canada that will be delivered to my hotel in Las Vegas later on this week.

Yes. Las Vegas.

I decided many months ago to attend to the yearly mind reader convention in Las Vegas, MindVention, and as it turns out, the very night before the convention begins, there is an R2 builders ‘convention’ in Las Vegas!

Talk about luck!

Especielly since I had already planned to be in Las Vegas months before even deciding to build my own droid!

So, in just a few days, I will get to see hopefully several astromech droids in full size up and close for the first time  for real!

Until then, I will have little time. Today is all about cleaning my office, attend 2 meetings, unpack from this weekend’s trip, pack for the next 2 weeks in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, spend an hour at the gym and make tons of calls to prepare all that needs being done!

Busy day.

Sorry about no pictures and a long rant, but I’m hoping to have plenty of pictures after meeting other builders in Las Vegas ! =)