Today was an exciting day!

I had a package arriving from the US, and I knew exactly what it was! The alternate persona to my R2!

I still haven’t decided what to name my future golden top robot, but that is a secondary problem!

First off, to the store and pick up the dome!

As I was going to pick up the package, The crinkles and damage on the package made me a bit worried…

Fortunately, Crash had done a smashing (pun not intended) job at packaging the dome, and inside, the lovely golden semi-sphere appeared.

After removing the package from the contents (Many people get this the other way around and remove the contents from the package…)

I like what I see!

This dome is custom made from fiberglass, and will be a lot easier to work with than the aluminum dome that will be his main head!

All in all, a great day! =)