First off, a quick picture of the results from last night:

These doors needs a little more sanding and a good priming, but basic construction is all done!

So  what is the big thing then?

Something that I’ve dreaded for a while… the vents!

My first attempt did not go well (at all), I ended up ruining a good piece of aluminum!

However, I made a new paper template, cut out another piece and tried again… This time, slightly slower, slightly more careful, and in addition to drilling properly, I also do the score and snap with a breakblade knife. I made sure to make many runs, and do all the cutting on the rear side of the vent as I know I will miss sooner or later.

So far so good..

Only had a little time tonight as I’ve been away most of the evening, shopping and also preparing for a gig tomorrow night. I wonder how that will go, considering that I’ve just had knee surgery a week ago, and I’ve been in quite a lot of pain today!

I’ve got two hours of walk-around entertainment to do. I guess it will be mostly limp-around, or hobble-around entertainment, but that’s life =)

On a lighter note, I may have come across someone who can help me with getting the droid painted! More on that when the story unfolds! =)