I’ve been battling a bad flue for the past couple of days, so needless to say, the droid has not been the first of my priorities!

However, I’ve managed to drag my cold sorry head off the couch for a little while today to do some small fixes…

I’ve done a few tweaks and things that were not on my list of things to do, started rerouting the electronics and bundling up the cables to make it nice and neat, ordered a new controller, bought a 11 pin connector through ebay, since I figured I’d just make one big connector to unplug whenever I need to pull out my electronics board.

I also decided to do something about my rear unpainted panel door, or rather the panel behind it!

First, I had to re-hinge the door, as the hinge was a bit.. well .. stiff, and I wanted this to be a lot smoother.

Second, I added a small mounting bar, so I could fasten the panel with screws, rather than glue it in place. After all, it is something that I might need to remove from time to time.

Third, the panel was quite boring, and I decided to do something about it!

I’m not claiming this was a stroke of genius inspiration, I do have a quite bad flu, but it will most definitely do for now!

It’s not a big thing, it’s only a bit of images printed out and glued to the white styrene…

When added into the slot and bolted in place, it looks quite ok, actually!

Not too bad for a sick guy =)