I received a question about how my slip ring solution was, and I thought I’d explain it in unnecessary detail here:


These are the pieces I cut out and the slip ring on top. The tiny bit goes underneath the long piece with the circle in the middle on the lefthand side. It creates sort of a lip that will go down into the bottom left piece. That, together with the extra flanges on my top ring in the frame will keep this in place.

I have only one acre, that is screwed down in the bottom right piece, that is glued on the location where Dave Everett has placed his dome motor. I have tapped these to 6mm and therefor only need a screw to secure or completely remove the center bar with the slip ring.

Enough talk, pictures will explain better!

Here’s the bottom right part glued into the top ring of the frame.

Bottom left piece glued in place on the top ring. Note the extra flanges on the top ring, creating a nice trench for the center bar to run in.

Tiny piece glued on the long bar. It is glued on sticking out a bit, as it will help lock the bar into place.

Center bar with locking screw and slip ring in place. Since this is a test mount, I don’t know if I can keep the slip ring mounted on top of the bar. I may need to move it below the bar, but you get the picture =)

Close-up of the locking piece…

Slip ring on its center bar locked into place. This is steady enough and easy to remove for maintenance with only one small screw =)