Another full day of working with the skins of my R2.

Now, all skins are cut out, apart from some details that I need a circle cutter to do.

I’ve even sanded parts of the lose pieces that I will keep, but there is a lot of sanding to do on the skins, but I think I’ll leave that until it is time to actually attach them. We’ll see!

Here’s a quick pic of where I’ve attached the outer skins, so you can get an idea of the forthcoming Astromech: 

I had a little more time on my hands as well, so I took out my old citadel paints and decided to paint, weather and mount a magnet inside my restraining bolt, kindly given to me by Sigge =)

I think it came out quite well!

Now, my fridge is restrained

Not too bad for a day’s work!