First off:

Woohoo! I can has superglue!

The first side vent is therefor complete!

After trying out the “can opener” method on parts of the first vent, I decided to try this out fully on this second vent.

I drilled a large hole (10mm) in the middle of the parts that should be cut out from the second side vent. Just one hole per cutaway rib.

After that was done, I scored fairly deep with my breakblade knife, inserted my pliers in the big hole in the middle, and started rolling the pieces away, and they rolled off nicely!

Fairly good result after I’ve removed the pieces, too!

Since I didn’t drill in the edges, but merely score the short ends, these broke off nice and easily. Don’t worry about it being a bit crooked, I’ve got a solution for that!

My trusty stel ruler laid on top of the vent, and then bang onto the ruler with my plastic hammer, and that seems to work well.

The last few dents was just taken out with my sander.

Not a bad result, and this was done with a minimum of filing, and the corners came out great!

Now, it’s late at night, and I’ve finished glueing my 2mm aluminum clad styrene strips to the back. It’s left to set over night, and tomorrow I’ll paint and add the backing to this second side vent.

Three down, one to go.

Why was I worried about these aluminium vents to begin with? Once I found a method that I liked, it was really a breeze! =)