In my quest to try and make things more interesting, I’ve tried to make a few parts suitable for 3D printing!
This is my first attempt:

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 00.47.21

This is what’s known as the Large Data Port, or LDP for short.

I have made one from scratch in styrene, but I wanted to test how Shapways held up to 3D printing:


First look looks good!

It feels a bit rough to the touch, so a quick rub with some find sanding paper is probably needed.


And a close up to see the detail of the print. Really fine print and I’m happy with the quality!



A little sanding and that piece is going to be great! The bottom edge is really sharp! 😀

This is what it looks like on my droid. I can not push it all the way in, since I have magnets inside for my regular data port that are in the way…


Looks like it may be a good option… I’ve already got a complicated part that I need to replace…