I figured that I would treat myself to some proper R2 building attire!

I spent two nights drawing the pattern on my trusty MacBook, before finally uploading and ordering two sets of shirts from Cafepress. One for me, and one for Sigge as a big THANK YOU for getting me a part for my R2-D2 signed by Kenny Baker himself!

For those not so into Star Wars: One of the robots used for filming, while R2 was in 2-legged mode, was controlled by actor Kenny Baker, a big man with small stature! At 112 cm tall, the R2 unit was actually constructed to be able to hold him inside!

Here’s the front and the back of the shirt I made..

I based the drawings off Dave Everett’s blueprints for styrene (which I based my own blueprints off) and played around to get the aluminium parts to look decent. It took some time, but I was quite happy with it!

Oh, and before you ask: No, you can not order these! =)