After spending two days of painting the dome panels, sanding them, painting again, and sanding again it was time to test assembly of the dome!

I bought a tape used for carpets to try out on the dome, and it seems like it will fit the bill!

Just look at how happy R2 is with all his panels attached, even though they are grey….

He definitely has a lot more personality now and looks more and more like a finished droid!

I also sanded the dome a little bit more, didn’t polish, but ended with 1200 grit paper, and used floor polish to give a clean surface on the aluminum.

I also found what I think is the perfect R2 blue today at my local car dealers, but unfortunately all they had was tiny tiny bottles to touch up on very small areas. I did get the color code, however.

“Biscaya Blue with Pearly Effect” .. makes it quite dark blue with a little sparkle to it. Not as much as a metallic paint, but just the right amount, I think.

According to them, a good car paint shop should be able to mix the color for me and place in spray cans, something I will definitely look in to!

Once the panels are sprayed, they will be clear coated as well, naturally.

I still need to redo parts of the innards, in order to fit the center vent speaker holder properly. I need to move my battery and redo my electronics board, but that is quite easy.

A little more tweaking on the shoulder horseshoes to get them perfect, some hands on touchups on the right battery box, and finish off them ankle cylinders, mounting the utility arms and this droid is nearing completion!

That is … once I get it all painted… 😉

Still .. so far, so good!