.. but I had to do something, at least =)

Yesterday, I spent on becoming an EFR instructor and then head off to the Magic Bar to do a gig, and that went just great.

Today, I just played things lazy, and finished measuring for the design of the Ankle Bracelet.

I did do some constructive work, though. First off, I need to show you the incredible aluminum Leg Struts that (finally) arrived after the Post Office had lost my package:

So, since I wanted to finish off the legs, I decided to get to work on the Resin Booster Covers, and fix a way to mount them and sand them off and all.

i also sanded off and glued the top of the leg strut holder to the booster cover.

I routed out part of the booster cover on the backside with my dremel, and glued 2 pieces of 3mm styrene in place.

I then positioned these on the main leg, and drilled and tapped through both the styrene pieces and the leg for M4 bolts. I had a few lying around (with too large head, but it works temporarily)

I also put in a temporary “holder” behind the leg strut. I should really see if I can fix some sort of sprint to place inside the leg strut, so it will be held in place by its own power.

I dare anyone to find the styrene pieces. They are invisible unless you know exactly what to look for 😉

The leg looks almost complete now. I’ve added the shoulder hub, which is held in place by magnets, and the left leg now only needs a shoulder cylinder and a horseshoe for me to mount the last things on it!

Yep, I’ve also mounted my foot shell. Starting to look good!