Today, I got a surprising call on the door.

The postman arrived with a package, and it is rare that they do deliver these days, but I was lucky!

Arriving on my door was two laser cut plastic rings, that will be used for making my dome run nice and smooth!

More on this in a later post!

In addition to this, I have also received some more stuff for the electronics inside.

Sigge came by the apartment last week, and dropped off a Syren 10 Motor controller (actually he swapped one for my second Sabretooth motor controller, that is more suitable for the drive motors, and since I already had one…)

A few days ago, I got a package with cables for my servos, and the smallest, tiniest audio module I’ve ever seen!

It’s so small and tiny that I had to take a second picture of it:

This may well be all that is needed to get my R2 to speak or play music. I have a cheap solution with two Bluetooth speakers at the moment, but I have not decided if I should use them or not, yet. This was cheap and a nice alternative. If nothing else, there is always things I can use the chip for =)

Also arrived 2 days ago, was my remote control. You have seen me control my R2 with a PS2 controller (wired) but I had issues getting it to work with a wireless controller, so I opted for a more high end controller, with some more safety features built in:

Six channels, in addition to my arduino uno, can really work on getting a lot of functionality remote controlled!

I have yet to plug this in, as I have some more body work to do before I’ll go all in on the electronics!


Enough of rants about gear. Let’s do some building!