Will this never end?

MORE on this data panel nonsense?
Yes! Indeed!

First the easy bit: I removed the 3d printed coupling once again, and superglued it in place, instead of the hot glue that was not doing its job.. but that was not the big thing!

Basically, I had done the bulk of the panel, but lacked the surrounds for it. I started by looking at the surrounds I already had on the A&A Kit I purchased some years ago and realized that’s not going to work.

So, using that as a template, I started cutting and filing and doing my thing in some 1mm styrene to come up with something like … this:


I painted that with Satin White, and drybrushed it with some old, trusty “Mithril Silver” and glued it in place..


filthied it down, just like I did the original panel.. (Using “Chaos Black” and “Flesh Wash”. Really putting these two old Citadel colours to work here)


.. before I went over it with cotton pads and a solvent to clean it up and also burn the weathering into the lacquer paint.


It really looks the part (pun intended) now, and it feels more solid.

I tested it in place, and it is ready to be fitted in place, but before I go down that route, there were a couple of other things needs to be done first.

First off, since I want this hatch to be openable, and I didn’t prepare anything for it, I realized I needed to route a hole in my top ring around the utility arm area:


I fastened an M4 screw in place and it sticks up just enough in my routered path that it works!


While doing this, I also removed the old magnet holding the door shut… and shimmied off some material that was catching when the door was closing… and this is when R2 realized that “hey, it’s been too long since a blood sacrifice was made”..


Once the bloodlust of R2 (Bet you didn’t know he had one. All builders can agree with me that he has one) was settled, I could finish off the short time of work for the evening, which was to switch two cables on the dome motor, to make R2 turn his head in the direction I want him to!

Next up is attaching a servo to the frame, and start working on getting this hatch to close… not sure how that’s going to go, to be honest….

When working in cramped areas like this I really wish I had a set of old dentist tools and drills.. it could make live SO much easier 😉