Not a lot done in the past few days. Had busy days and also needed to spend time at home.

Anyway, After doing my first coin return, I rather quickly finished off the other two.

First off, I used the droid and old styrene bits as guide to get the proper bend into the styrene bits before cutting.

I then marked off the area to be cut off with tape, and then simply used the cutting wheel (speed click) on my dremel and cut the aluminum open.

This is the raw cut, nothing done.

As you can see, there is a lot to file and sand away!

5-6 minutes of sanding later, this looks a lot better!

Not too shabby, eh?

Even looks good from the back!

This is just after filing the aluminum to the edges, and before sanding. After sanding these are real smooth and looks pretty good!

Since I had the inner pieces already done, It was a simple matter of superglueing them in place, and add the sides (which I cut slightly large), then sealed it all up with Milliput.

Seems Tamaiya Putty is rather useless on aluminum, so I had to remove it from the first coin return and go over all joining edges with milliput. That stuff gets rock hard!

Coin returns waiting to harden…

And here’s the final trilogy, ready to be inserted!

For the moment, these are taped to the droid body, as I don’t want to fasten them permanently since I still need to paint the droid.

As a last thing, I took the rear  Power Coupling, and cut away the bottom of it, since it is too big to fit inside my styrene skins.

I learned the hard way that cutting resin is something that really should be done outside. The resin that comes off is a fine grain dust and it sticks everywhere. Do it inside and you end up covered in white powder with none of the fun!

Cutting with my trusty dremel makes these fit nice and snug!

That’s all, folks!