So, after cutting a lot of styrene, I found an old tube of polystyrene cement among my old model colors. Unopened.

That cannot be, I decided, so that had to be put to work.

So, after experimenting with my own circular cutter thingy, I decided to put together one of R2’s legs!

After putting together about half, I was VERY happy that I recently bought a small sanding machine, as there were quite a few places where the height was not all even, but that was just a few minutes with my mouse sander, and it was all smooth and ready to glue together.

I also built a small magnetic lock into the hub for the shoulder hubs.
Unfortunately, I cannot take any pictures of it at the moment, as it is glued together, but here’s a pic of what all my hard work yesterday resulted in:

Behold, R2 has one leg complete! Woohoo!

Anyway, that was yesterday, and I figured I could not afford to be lazy today either.

After redoing my design for the motor holder, recutting some styrene, as I had made a mistake in the cutting, I started gluing things together… and one thing led to another, and pretty soon, I was left with this:

For a better view, look at this:

Yes, there are a few clamps, but not all I have, fortunately! Actually, I picked up a few more in the store.

I included a few close-ups of the inner workings of the motor holder. It really holds the motor snugly in place, and all I need is just a few spacers on the inside for the mounting screws.

Naturally, I had to try it out.. even though the glue had not had time to harden over night… but a few minutes wouldn’t hurt 😉

Worked like a charm, if you wonder!

So: here’s a nice view of my finished motor holder. At the moment, I need to add another 3mm piece of styrene to the inside part of the “groove” to get the proper measurements. Seems I miscalculated with 3 mm after all, but that’s ok =)

You have no idea how many small pieces I’ve placed inside this as bulkheads, to strengthen the foot in any way I can think of.

All in all, a busy day, but a fun one! =)