So, today I’ve been working a little more on my biker scout, breaking two needles on the sewing machine, and putting it all together!

I still have to mount the Thermal Detonator, and the greeblies on the arms are not painted or mounted.

The chest piece and back piece are held together with tape, and the shoulder armour is just held in place by double stick tape! =)

So, a little more sewing to do, but this is just a costume check! =)

I did finalize my belt though, and after playing around with the torso, I have extended it since last, and I think it sits a little better now!

Enough talking, let’s get to the pics already! =)

I still need to shorten that cumberbund..

The biceps armor had slid down on this post… I need to tighten the straps and add a bit of velcro to my undersuit to keep them in place.

Same thing with the knee pads that had slid down a bit…

I think the belt and torso looks a lot better now.

The pockets have only been tucked inside the armor and has not been fastened at all in this picture, so they are off center..

Not sure if I look happy or scared in this pic..

Provided it all looks good, I will continue sewing the last pieces together and finalize the armor this weekend! =)