After a couple of days with the flu, and still done 2 gigs and a casting session (drawback of running your own company as a performer), I was finally starting to feel good enough to get some time to do some building.

I have my list of things to go through, but nothing on that list seemed appealing to me today.

I did, however, start with drilling holes under the bottom plate of my droid, to have decent mount points for my octagon ports!

I took out the octagon ports, measured up on the bottom of the droid where the openings in the skins were, and then used a quick paper template in order to measure out where I needed to drill and countersink.

These will be underneath the droid, and will not be noticed. Technically speaking, I could glue countersunk M3 screws in place and bondo on top of them, if I don’t want the screws to be seen, but partly, I need to get the correct length screws, and partly, I don’t really see this as a problem at this point! =)

Another thing I got done while I had the droid upside down, was to treat the skirt with bondo (Tamaiya Putty, to be precise) to remove any irregularities. This will need to set until tomorrow and then sanded to smooth perfection!

After this has set and been sanded down, I think it will look just great! =)

I’m starting to run out of things to do until it is paint time… =)