… to let you guys know that the work is progressing!

I have no pics to go with this, sorry, but here is where I’m at since last time!

I’ve fixed up the second power coupler as per the first one.

I’ve removed the aluminium tape from the second shoulder hub and started skinning it in aluminium. I need to glue the aluminum outside tomorrow and screw in place then this is finished!

I also decided to remove the skin on my right battery box and sand the uneven bits on that one down, to make it nice and smooth. This has been done, and tomorrow, this will be skinned again! Last big part in styrene! Woohoo!

I’ve also been working on fine tuning the shoulder shims some more, and looking in to mounting them more precisely, so I can switch the horseshoes around, should I want to. These are now more snug, and I’ve fixed some irregularities in their shape as well.

I’ve got a little touch up to do on some of the painted parts: a few sprays of paint on the center ankle, the center detail plates, and the inside of the left leg. After this is done, they are ready for clear coating!

The body is ready for clear coating, as is most of the painted parts!

The idea is that this weekend will see the last of the bigger construction of the droid, so I can clean up my office/work space! Once the bigger tools are away and order is restored, it will make the small work with detailing and weathering, as well as working on the new controller electronics so much easier!

I feel confident and happy that I may only need 3-4 more paint sessions, and my entire droid is finally painted and clear coated!

The idea is to get the last leg and foot primed so I can bondo and sand and fix over the weekend, and get the rest of the droid clear coated before friday!

The last few steps is really something I’m looking forward to, as it is these steps that will really give R2 his personality!